Thursday, 28 June 2012

Taking off my dress(-ings)

My legs are still different sizes, but the
 swelling is significantly less than before.
It's going swell!  
Today we made the drive back down to the hospital for our two week follow up appointment. I can walk now, although I admit I look a bit like I’m coming to eat your flesh and suck out your brains when I slowly hobble towards you. This is especially true if its morning time and my hair is poking everywhere at angles that I literally couldn’t achieve if I wanted to with the strongest hold gel.

It turns out it was the biggest waste of time ever.  More than digging a huge hole at the beach with your hands, just to fill it back up again, because at least in that situation you get the satisfaction of sitting in your hole and waiting for a wave to come crashing towards you. We spent a total of ten minutes at the hospital in which a doctor took off our dressings, said vaguely “that looks ok” and, well, there is no and, that was completely it.

The plus side is I got to take a picture of my cuts! They’re grosser than I was expecting, which was actually a relief. If they’d taken off the dressings and I had completely healed it would have been a massive let down, and I would have had to take a photo of a neat sealed scabby line instead of a scabby line with an open gash in it (way cooler, so much so that it deserves italics).

The wound after my ACL reconstruction, done mostly arthroscopically. It's really very impressive that surgery can be done through such limited incisions. 


  1. Oh wow. You're injury is MUCH more impressive than mine!

    1. Hahahaha, you just happen to be able to see mine. Is it bad that I secretly hope for a good scar?

    2. Totally didn't realize you replied to this! I wish you could see my rib injury. My x-rays aren't even interesting. It's quite sad.

      But I definitely think that your scar is going to be amazing!