Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Snot Feeling So Great

What's left of a tissue box after being
ripped up by dogs and violated
with my nose. 
I feel like I have been sick for my whole life. I'm coughing so much that I might end up IN a coffin and I keep waking up with a pillow covered in slobber, or drenched in sweat. I blow my nose with the force of a tornado and within two minutes it is blocked again. What does normal breathing feel like? *Sniff*. Occasionally I get those tiny moments where your heart flutters and you feel warmth within your soul...simply because ONE of your lousy nostrils has temporarily cleared and fate has allowed you one single welcome sniff of air.  I'm willing to bet I’m not the only person who’s been sick like this, but I'm also willing to bet I’m not the only one to whine about it (and at least I'm not ironically whinging about people who whinge).

I am a whiny little bitch. I’ll walk past Bianca’s room, pause outside her door, then throw my head back and fake cry in a horribly nasal voice that only somebody with genuinely blocked sinuses can pull off, and I do it all just so she is 100% aware that I still feel crap. Do I feel guilty about it? No, because I got the bug off her in the first place and she just fake cries right back. There is little to feel great about when you’re sick, so super-flu-ous whinging is the nearest best thing. I feel like every time I complain to Bianca about being sick, I am eliminating a tiny bit of sickness, so naturally I want to complain as much as possible. It’s a cure! I value that I can whinge so much to her. Anybody else would slap me. Actually Bianca probably wants to slap me by now and if I had less blocked ears and could hear the whinging I was doing I’d probably slap myself too.

Anyway this relates to my knee because I haven’t been doing my exercises. The moral of this story is that sometimes there are setbacks to your recovery and you just have to stay positive. I’ll just do my exercises extra good next week...if I’m still alive *sniff*


  1. I'm sick as well! It's the absolute worst.
    Get well soon, Eliza!!

  2. I hope you don't have what I have, or you'll never get better!!!! ARGHH!J!!J!!KHG EHKGFDHGABKJ!